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Take a Moment; Take a Week

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

The Hanged Man appears at just the right time. Even as I am frantically trying to fill my car with camping gear, I am reminding myself to breathe. I am leaving tomorrow morning for a well needed break.

The Hanged Man reminds me that sometimes you just need to take a moment. You need to pause what you are doing, maybe for just a breath, maybe for a week, maybe for a month. Sometimes you just need to stop. Sometimes you just need a lot of time to put all your plans and frantic activities on hold and think about what you want to do next.

I am leaving for five days of meditation and yoga and workshops and drumming in the woods. I need to get away from my computer and my artwork and my social media and just be for a while.

The Hanged Man is my card for the week. I will take this time to reconnect with myself and my journey in this life. I need to reflect and remember who I am. I need to reaffirm that this path that I am is the one that I want to be on. If I'm having doubts, now is the time to think on that and figure out what I should be doing instead.

We all need that little bit of time sometimes. The Universe continues to spin but sometimes we need to take a step away and think about our place in this world. Are you being who you want to be? Are you doing what you want to be doing? Every day is a fresh canvas and a fresh choice. Make certain that you are happy with yours.

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