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The New Orleans Tarot Cats in Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

This seems like the perfect week for a review. I'm deep into taxes this week as well as finishing up some course work so I thought I would share the cards such as they are so far.

The Fool has traveled half way around the Major Arcana. He's learned the importance of balance between his physical and his spiritual self. He knows that determination and time are important to achieve his goals as well as to think long and hard about what goals are actually worth his time.

I'm trying to learn these lessons as well, but while I "know" them, I don't always live them.

I appreciate that you've followed me this far, especially on a project that will take the better part of two years.

I work slowly, but I like to think that I work well.

(Still brainstorming a name. Cats, obviously. All the cards feature something Louisiana or New Orleans, so maybe?)

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