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Inner Strength

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

I chose to approach the creation of my own Tarot deck as a spiritual practice as well as an art series.

I am trying to learn and understand the lessons of the Major Arcana just as the Fool does. The Chariot taught us that material success comes to those who work for it. Struggle and sacrifice are an essential part of achievement.

Strength teaches us that our material self does not have to be in conflict with our spiritual selves. Our spiritual self is innately more powerful, more pure, always there no matter whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Real strength comes from internal, eternal part of ourselves.

I wonder though if there is a certain break in logic or consistency in pursuing a spiritual project that is also a project with material aspects. I create art. I sell art.

Does making a profit from your art intrinsically rob it of true spiritual worth?

History is full of questionable gurus and holy leaders claiming to have a direct connection to spiritual wisdom. As soon as they start funneling their profits into gold plated cadillacs, we can usually see them for what they really are.

I am always leery of spiritual charlatans trying to hawk their wares. I don't believe that anyone has a stronger tie to eternal wisdom then anybody else. As soon as someone makes the claim to greater spiritual knowledge, my walls go up, but here I am creating art that I embody with spiritual meaning and yet I sell it.

We're all spiritual beings walking around with the same access to the divine. We're all spending our lives wearing the same sort of meat suits. Is there not some sort of hubris in creating my own Tarot and speaking of the symbolism and the meaning while I profit from those Tarot cards and profit from the very same symbolism?

Strength tells me that I am walking a fine line. There is always a balance between the material and spiritual. We have the ability to transcend the material world. I need to work at staying in connection with that spiritual source.

Working on my Tarot card series can be an exercise in art as spiritual practice, but I have to remember that fine line that we all walk. I have to remember that true strength comes from within, not from without.

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