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Balance and Determination

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

I aspire to moderation. I try to walk the middle way. I know how important balance is to life of contentment.

Unfortunately, I don't always achieve that balance. I start projects and work at them with single minded determination. I want to finish the thing and I want to finish it now.

My time would be better served putting down the project and coming back to it later. Trying to force completion often works against me. I end up frustrated and unhappy when the project just isn't coming together the way I want it to.

Yet, I know better. I know that if I walk away and come back later it will be better. Just letting your mind drift can be the most effective way to find the answer to whatever difficulty you're having with a particular project. I know that, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to finish.

I push aside other things that I should be doing so that I can continue with my single minded determination to finish the thing. The floors need vacuuming. The dishes pile up in the sink. I don't go to social events that I'd been looking forward to.

I have to finish the thing.

Sometimes I will finish it with a sense of dissatisfaction only to come back to it again in a few days. Again, I pursue the thing with that single minded determination. I always need to finish the thing at the expense of everything else.

Still, I know better. The Chariot reminds me that balance is just as important as determination.

Yes, it's good to focus and put in the work, but moderation; always moderation.

Without balance, everything spirals out of control.

I'm working on it, but as always, I'm also very much a work in progress.

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