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Facing the Raven

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

I'm delighted to see Doctor Who back on the air again after a long hiatus (I am two episodes behind so *No Spoilers*).

I very much enjoyed the portrayal of the Doctor by Peter Capaldi. One of the episodes that's stayed with me was an episode in which the companion of the Doctor, Clara Oswald, faces her own mortality in the form of a Raven.

I've long been drawn to the Raven and she has featured over and over again in my artwork. I've struggled with why I feel this attraction. The Raven appears often in mythos as a messenger of death, from beyond this world.

Why did I feel drawn to this darkness? The Raven called me again and again and I've tried to understand the connection.

Clara Oswald faces more than just her own death in those final moments. She faces all the lost possibilities of her life; all the paths she might have taken; all the things she might have been differently. She worries about meeting that darkness bravely.

I came to realize that the Raven is calling me back to myself. The Raven is my Shadow Self, calling to me from within. I believe we fear that inner truth; what might hiding in that dark place?

In order to be truly whole, we have to embrace that inner darkness; to take back all those parts of ourselves that we were told were bad or naughty or unacceptable.

My darkness is a part of me; an essential part of who I am. I need to open myself to that darkness and face my Raven.

"Let me brave," for I would be whole.

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