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You Are Enough

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Most of my blog posts focus on my artwork and my working process. I spend a lot of time focusing on dreamwork and spiritual seeking.

My daily goal is to try to be a better, healthier version of the self that I was yesterday. I'm not competing with anyone. I have no ultimate destination. Life is a journey, full of adventure and experience. I want to relish as much as I can.

Most days I fall far short of that. Most days I forget my comforting philosophy and don't relish life. I trudge, just trying to get through, from one task to the next; often overcome by anxiety and guilt.

I want to be that spiritual seeker who explores and relishes, but the world can be a harsh place. The trivial detritus of life gets in the way. The hardest part is to remind myself that it's ok. There's nothing wrong with failing.

Failure is how we learn. It's ok to fail. Some days I feel like an assemblage of broken pieces that I'm trying desperately to keep together; to keep them from flying away; to keep myself from breaking down completely.

Making it through days like that is a victory.

You are worthwhile. You are enough. You're dealing with whatever you can, when you can. And, I love you.

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