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How NOT to Write an Art Blog

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Long ago, back in 2010, long before I even considered pursuing my art professionally, I stumbled across a blog by a Canadian artist that had just quit her steady job and sacrificed that secure paycheck so that she could pursue her art full time.

She was about my age, 30 something. She was still willing to gamble everything: stability and security, in order to pursue her dream.

I followed her journey over the next few years, loving that she shared so much of her life: struggling to find an online outlet for her art, setting up at a music festival, a new art series that she was passionate about, or even personal problems with her boyfriend or the illness of one of her fur-babies.

Even when she was struggling financially, she didn't stop sharing. She detailed adventures in nude modeling and other part time work she took to help pay her bills. I enjoyed her story. Following her journey helped me in my own decision to pursue my art full time. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy life but some inner needs are worth making sacrifices for.

What I really loved was that she lived authentically. She shared authentically. She didn't fill her pages with a false cheerful persona. She didn't pretend to a perfect existence when she struggled.

I've tried to start and maintain an art blog over the years. The general consensus is that an art blog should always be positive. You should carefully cultivate that look of pristine perfection. Your life, your children, your lover, should always be as picture perfect as the perfect Instagram feed.

Your children frolic in sunflower fields. Your lover brings you roses every week just because. Inspiration visits you like a magic fairy while you sleep. Your canopy at market practically sets up itself. Your car never breaks down and your art work always sells out. Always.

Alternatively, I've read that you could set up a blog full of positivity and positive advice on how to live the perfect life.

Be perfect. Never stop smiling. After all, you and your life are flawless bastions of perfection.

I shouldn't be disappointed in myself for not being able to maintain this kind of blog. I'm an introvert trying to play at being an extrovert, hoping to sell myself alongside my artwork. I struggle with raising children that aren't perfect. They refuse to frolic in fields full of wildflowers. I suffer from serious Impostor Syndrome, feeling a little astounded every time I am accepted into an exhibition or a festival.

The general wisdom is that your artwork should be consistent and cohesive in nature. Instead I find my work oftentimes as fragmented and varied as my own life. I do enjoy Victorian portraiture, but I also love crumbling cemeteries and brightly colored abstracts. How do you chose just one part of yourself without sacrificing parts of yourself?

After a lot of thought, I thought I would try something different this time. I'm going to create a blog in the style that I like. Real people. Real lives. Real messes. Will I make it to the end of the week? Will my life completely implode? Follow me and find out.

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